Coastal Sauna Review

For a long time, a sauna bath was an exotic affair that involved visiting a professional spa offering this service. This was so because a conventional sauna that depended on humidity to heat the air and consequently your body was difficult to set up inside a home.

Infrared radiation (IR) saunas consisting of heaters emitting near, mid and far IR has been a huge gamechanger. Suddenly, setting up a sauna in your home and enjoying its numerous health benefits has become as easy and simple as buying and setting up an oversized cupboard.

One drawback of this surge in popularity of IR saunas is that it has led to an overcrowded market where each seller claims to make the best, the cheapest and the safest IR sauna machines.

Read ahead for an overview of the features, pros and cons of models offered by the brand Coastal Sauna.

About Coastal Sauna

Unlike other infrared sauna manufacturers, there’s not a lot of information about the company or its founder online. Timothy Davids is the CEO of Greenwave Wellness Inc, which is apparently the company that owns the Coastal Sauna brand.

However, there’s absolutely no information on when the brand started making IR saunas and the reasons that motivated Timothy to enter this field.

Other companies often make a big deal about the reason why their founder decided to venture into manufacturing sauna baths. Mostly, this is treated as an opportunity to highlight the founder’s personal experience, technical expertise and commitment towards their customers.

Strangely, you will have to search online for a long time to get more information about the company, and even then you cannot be really sure about the authenticity of the information.

While the brand enjoys a decent reputation among sauna buyers, absence of such basic details may be a deterrent for those who wish to know more about the company before finalizing the purchase.

Coastal Sauna’s Range of Products

Coastal Sauna has a product range consisting of five different sauna baths, with the primary difference being that of capacity and number of IR heaters fitted into the machines.

Malibu is the smallest IR sauna offered by Coastal Sauna with a capacity of one to two persons. This sauna has a total of eight FIR panels, which is more than adequate for a good and hot sauna experience.

The company has consciously avoided making a one-person sauna because the size does not permit installation of front heaters, which is one of the USPs of the brand.

Next is Delmar, which is a three-person corner unit while the Newport is a standard three-person unit that’s not designed for corners. Both these machines have a total of nine IR panels.

The biggest product offered by Coastal Sauna is Hollywood, which has 15 IR panels and is designed to accommodate four to five persons at once.

One very innovative offering that sets Coastal Sauna apart from all other brands in the market is its two-person Rebounder Sauna or Sauna Jump machine. This is a standard two-person sauna that has slightly bigger dimensions and comes with a removable bench and an option trampoline or rebounder.

The idea behind this machine is to combine the sauna bath with jumps and other movements done on the rebounder. The combination of IR radiation and physical exertion will make you sweat more and lead to a faster and more thorough detox of your body.

One minor point of criticism is that, apart from the Jump sauna, the names of the models have absolutely nothing to do with their features. It is almost as if the manufacturer chose names and random and decided to market the models accordingly.

Features of Coastal Sauna IR Saunas

Like many other IR sauna manufacturers, capacity and number of IR heaters are the only things that distinguish different models of sauna machines offered by Coastal Sauna.

The plus side of this approach is that buyers are assured of standardized features and don’t have to spend too much time comparing different models. They just need to determine the number of persons likely to use the sauna at the same time and can proceed to finalize the purchase.

However, you may find this to be an irritant because you will have to pay for features that you don’t want or have absolutely no intention of using when taking a sauna bath.

When you end up with multiple such features that are of no use for you, then you may end up questioning the benefits or advantages of choosing this brand over all others.

Now, let us take a look at some of the important features of sauna baths manufactured by Coastal Sauna.

Zero EMF Nano Carbon Wave 360 Heaters

This company does not make full spectrum sauna machines. All its sauna baths have far infrared radiation (FIR) heaters. The company claims that its Nano Carbon Wave 360 heaters have near zero EMF readings.

Considering that anything connected to a wall plug emits an electromagnetic field (EMF), the claim of zero EMF is difficult to believe and impairs the credibility of the brand. Especially since there is no independent verification of this zero-EMF claim.

Also, with full spectrum saunas in high demand, restricting choice only to FIR saunas is a negative since this prevents those seeking a full spectrum sauna from benefiting from the features of Coastal Sauna’s machines.

Since IR heaters are the heart and soul of any IR sauna machine, you may find these drawbacks to be extremely serious, to the extent of discouraging you from choosing this brand.

High-Quality Hemlock Wood Exteriors

All exterior panels are made out of high-quality and non-toxic hemlock wood. You can upgrade to red cedar but this is a premium add-on that will increase the overall cost of your sauna purchase.

This upgrade option is a positive since it gives you more choices without any quality compromises. However, the brand could have taken an effort to offer something different from the standard options available in the market.

Such an extra effort would have helped the models stand apart from other machines, which too invariably come in hemlock and red cedar.

Soft-Touch Controls

All models offer two separate soft-touch control panels, one inside and the other outside the sauna machine. This means you can modify temperature or other settings before you start your session or even in the middle of your sauna bath without any hassles.

Further, the controls are programmable, which means you can program the sauna bath to automatically start for up to 30 hours in the future.

Yet, there’s no way to connect this machine to the cloud or control it through your smartphone. Only the time of starting the sauna seems to be programmable with no preset sauna routines built into the control panel.

Entertainment Features

Spending time in a sauna has never been about just sweating and detox. Like others, you probably use this time to relax alone or spend some quality time with your friends and family members.

Coastal Sauna does a pretty good job when it comes to offering multiple entertainment features in their machines. All sauna models come pre-fitted with an entertainment system that allows you to play radio stations and CDs as per your preference.

A premium add on is a 15.3-inch LCD television with an inbuilt DVD player and with input terminals like HDMI, VGA and S-Video. This gives you the choice of converting your sauna into an entertainment hotspot where you can relax and simultaneously get your daily dose of TV time.

But, would you really pay more for a big TV in your sauna when your smartphone or tablet can easily serve as an alternative? And you cannot be sure about the adverse effect of all that heat on the sensitive electronics inside the modern television.

Sipping your favorite brew and reading a book can be an entertaining and relaxing affair. This is why all the models come with a cup holder, a magazine rack, dual halogen reading lights and a hand-carved wave handle that can be used as a stand for your smartphone.

So, you can watch television, use your smartphone or sip wine and read a book in the sauna. Other brands do offer entertainment features but Coastal Sauna definitely ticks all the boxes in this category.

Convenience Features

Every model has a towel rack that allows you to use multiple towels through your sauna sessions without cluttering your sitting space.

All floor and leg heating panels are pop-up removable panels, which allows easy access to the heaters for proper maintenance and cleanliness. This is marketed as a big plus since other brands require the panels to be unbolted for maintenance.

However, there’s the possibility of the pop-up joint coming loose with extensive use, which may be a problem for somebody planning on using the sauna machine for many years in the future.

The machine comes with luxury LED lights for proper visibility inside and outside the sauna. Of course, this has become a standard feature and there’s no further information on why exactly are the LED lights described as a luxury.

Another convenience-related feature is the patented in-built backrests cum heater covers that allow you to lean directly against the heater panels without any discomfort.

The wooden dowels provide support for your spine without blocking the heat and are easier to clean and maintain. However, these dowels may not be as comfortable as the fabric covers that other brands use.

Oxygen Ionizer cum Ozone Generator

This too is a standard feature with the ionizer purifying the air when the sauna is in use while the Ozone option cleanses the machine and kills any harmful bacteria released during the detox sessions.


All sauna models come with an in-built Chromotherapy feature that offers full spectrum light therapy with seven colors. This can seem like an unnecessary addition to the cost of the machine if you don’t intend to use the therapy or the feature.

In any case, the claims related to color healing are so subjective that it virtually is about your belief in it. Yet, manufacturers, including Coastal Sauna, continue to include this feature and make their customers pay for it irrespective of their personal preference.

Other Features

Other features include a tempered glass door with light bronze tint for increased privacy without restricting the sense of space and light inside the sauna. Along with adjustable vents for circulation of air without loss of heat, you can avoid the restricted and claustrophobic feeling that may come from spending a lot of time in the sauna.

Bungee Rebounder in the Sauna Jump Machine

The rebounder is a unique product that allows you to jump and rebound inside the sauna machine when enjoying a hot IR bath. The rebounder is just a strong elastic mat that is extremely stretch resistant.

This mat is free of metal strings and is fitted to the floor of the sauna through a strong and stable leg construction.

In theory, sweating and exercising at the same time seems like a good idea. However, you must consider the potential safety risk involved in jumping around on an elastic mat when sweating from virtually every pore in your body.

Also, your discipline and commitment towards using the rebounder will determine whether it ends up as a smart or foolish purchase. If you don’t jump in it, then you would have just purchased an expensive two-person sauna bath without all the fancy features present in other Coastal Sauna models.

Other Add Ons

You have the option of having a Bluetooth adapter fitted to the machine, which will enable you to play content over Bluetooth when enjoying the sauna. Considering other brands have moved on to touchscreen entertainment systems, this upgrade available as an add on may seem a bit underwhelming.

The company offers handmade Sunbrella covers and three-inch high-density foam Sunbrella cushions as an add on for those seeking a more comfortable sauna experience.

Is Coastal Sauna the Right Choice for You?

With prices of all models available online, it is not difficult to compare your options and do a quick cost-benefit analysis about buying a Coastal Sauna machine.

The EMF Question

The biggest negative against this brand is its claim of being a zero EMF machine. It is common knowledge that no electrical machine can completely avoid emitting EMF radiation. And miniscule exposure to EMF is not harmful for our body as well.

In such a scenario, to claim complete absence of EMF does more harm than good for the brand’s reputation and credibility.

No Independent Tests

Has Coastal Sauna machines undergone independent testing for EMF radiation? There are references to test machines being held close to the heater panels but you don’t have the option of following the parameters of the experiment and verifying the information yourself.

Old-Fashioned Design

The presence of a slat-like design on the IR heater panels has become outdated and obsolete. With other brands moving on to smarter panels and better designs, buyers may hesitate to choose a sauna bath that is unlikely to offer the best sauna experience.

Lacking Important Features

No smart touch screen control panel, no near and mid IR heaters and absence of other cool features like Magnetic Healing or even the option to buy it through a reputed e-commerce platform mean this brand lacks that X-factor to catch and hold the attention of potential buyers.

Considering the premium costing of the machines, features like cup holders and towel racks, although useful, are unlikely to make you feel as if you are getting a great deal.

No Company Information

You get to know the name of the company owner and that’s it. At a time when other companies provide detailed information about their backstories and how their owners ended up making IR sauna baths, Coastal Sauna is strangely silent about itself.

The biggest issue here is that you automatically start questioning the veracity of each and every claim made despite that most of them are mostly true.


Ultimately, there are very few compelling reasons that sets these sauna machines apart from models offered by contemporary brands. Absence of full spectrum heaters, the difficult-to-believe claim about EMF and lack of company information are serious negatives that may discourage you from choosing this brand.

With a detailed and thorough overview of features common in all models along with information about the Jump Sauna, you can consider your options and make an informed decision without additional efforts or delays.