Health Mate Sauna Review

Your health is one of your most important possessions and sometimes, you might be ready to drop some extra dollars on an excellent purchase to improve your health and well-being. And speaking of health, nothing can match the amazing infrared detox therapy, especially from a sauna. But if you want to speed up your health and healing, then investing in a highly-functional sauna is of great importance. You might have already done a bit of research on the best saunas and you would have come across the Health Mate Sauna. But how sure are you that this particular brand is packed with uncompromising performance and value for each penny you invest?

Health Mate Sauna has been in the industry for over 40 years, producing saunas for dozens of companies alike in the industry. Time and again, this company has been extensively pushing forward with changing leadership and never fails to add a new product to its website. But if you’re somewhat convinced by the reviews on its saunas, then we rightfully remind you that such facts are just repetitions with no proper research and understanding of the brand. So in this article, we’ve decided to help you take a stand with your decision on purchasing your new Health Mate Sauna. And also help you find out if you’re ready to consider shedding thousands of dollars for a sauna from Health Mate.

Product Portfolio

Health Mate saunas are aligned under these categories:

  • Enrich Series
  • Renew Series
  • Restore Series
  • 1 Person Sauna
  • 2 Person Sauna
  • 3 Person Sauna
  • Corner Sauna
  • Therapy Lounge


Before you proceed with your purchase from Health Mate, let’s take a look at the important features listed below.

Heating Element

Health Mate Saunas are crafted using a patented UL-listed Tecoloy heater. But some of their models are finished with standard carbon panels.


Warranty is comparatively good on their Tecoloy heaters. But their TruInfra Heaters, controller, craftsmanship, power supply and LED lights come with only 5 years of warranty. Now that’s something on the lower side for a one-time investment of thousands of dollars. All of us are aware that saunas are not meant to be frequently bought, and this means that the specific brand or product we get should definitely be aimed at long-term performance. A quality sauna is a useful addition that paves the way for long-standing operations for many years. But with the lesser warranty coverage offered by Health Mate, it is quite a disadvantage for buyers when primary parts cannot be covered or replaced due to unforeseen damage.

Product Cabins

Health Mate uses non-toxic wood and PLH products to fabricate the sauna’s cabins. But wooden cabins might have won the hearts of sauna lovers before 40 years, or at least the period during which Health Mate ruled the sauna industry. With advanced technology being implemented everywhere, the love and passion for traditional equipment has almost faded. And you might not like the fact of owning a carbon sauna in a modern home setting when you have the option to swear by top-selling ceramic saunas from well-known brands like Clearlight.

New Product Lines

Though Health Mate frequently changes its leadership and management policies, it never forgets to add new product lines to its website. Some featured product listings include:

Renew – The Renew series is a new entry line of saunas that are crafted using both carbon panels and ceramic steel heaters. Though it is a better alternative to other inferior brands, it still is a comparatively cheap recreational sauna that is way behind other modern and comfortable makes from reputed brands such as Clearlight and Vital Health. A new product always needs to be tested and approved to be effective before making it official on the online market.

The Renew series is not an exception in this case as well. This new line series from Health Mate lacks heaters on the sides of its interiors. A careful analysis also proves that heaters are found to be missing from the front and the sides of the sauna’s legs as well. Now that’s not a great deal, especially for a sauna that is priced at thousands of dollars. The finish is fabricated with a carbon panel on the back and with ceramic under the bench. While this is a common feature we witness in most of the saunas, the wide wooden slats that block the efficiency of the carbon heaters are not worth a good compliment because this totally obstructs the penetration of the infrared through the wood.

Perhaps, we can just wait for an improvement and rectification on this in the future. Though Health Mate’s Renew series is a first attempt at carbon panels, the missing side and front heaters are disappointing, especially for saunas tagged with an expensive price. Many customers claim that they tried to contact Health Mate’s representatives regarding the issue, but to no extent of viable reciprocation from the maker’s end.

Enrich Mate – This is a comparatively high-quality line that basically replaces Health Mate’s older sauna models. Though this series makes high-end use of their patented Tecoloy ceramic elements, the limited warranty coverage offer pulls down the overall efficiency and reliability of this new line of saunas from Health Mate.

Restore Mate – This series of saunas are Health Mate’s large-sized units. Though this new-level introductory sauna looks attractive and convenient, its price might not be taken well by customers, especially those who prefer quality. While reputed brands like Clearlight and Radiant Saunas offer better saunas that are affordable and power packed with abundant quality, considering the Restore series might be unadvisable, especially for budget-conscious people who value their purchase before anything else.

Health Mate Sauna Price List

If you’ve decided to anyhow buy a sauna from Health Mate, then you have two options: request your order by phone call or by online mode. But though their website has an online shopping facility, there’s no specific price mentioned for any of their products. If you wish to buy their sauna, you need to either dial their customer care representative or make an online request with your details and order credentials. But if you ask us how much a sauna from Health Mate actually costs, we would list out the price from anything between $1,900-$6,500. While this can be a whopping amount for a sauna, you might try considering other modern brands that tag their products with more affordable prices.

Carbon vs Ceramic

Health Mate claims that their saunas live up to the long-known traditional standards of carbon fiber materialization unlike standard ceramic infrared heaters used by other brands. Standard ceramic heaters are known for rapid convention of heat and quick warm up sessions. Though carbon saunas emit rays close to far infrared rays that help in rapid healing, ceramic saunas are much better when underlined with durability, energy efficiency and conventional performance.

Are Their Tecoloy Heaters Really Effective?

Health Mate saunas are furnished with Tecoloy heaters that have been certified by Underwriters Laboratories. By this, we mean that their saunas have been independently proven to be efficient and effective unlike other ceramic sauna brands in the market. Health Mate claims that their Tecoloy heaters produce far infrared radiant heat, paving the way for deep muscle relaxation and detoxification. But on the contrary, various well-known brands such as Clearlight and Cedar Brook Saunas offer efficient health benefits irrespective of their modern finish.

Health Mate’s Infrared Saunas Are Good for Health. Is This Claim True?

An infrared sauna is just an in-house sauna option that comes with benefits as well as some cons. It is just like a traditional sauna but has a dedicated room or space. Contrary to the traditional steam-based saunas, Health Mate’s infrared saunas are equipped to use light and create heated air. The main purpose of having a sauna in your house is to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. So the claim of doing good to your health is not a big deal because that’s what a sauna is meant for.

Does the Health Mate Sauna Have Any Cons?

Disadvantages are part of any product and it totally depends on how we use or perceive it. This concept is applicable to the 40-year-old Health Mate brand as well. If you’re planning to invest in an in-house sauna from Health Mate, then do consider these cons before you take your decision.

Health Mate Saunas Are Quite Expensive

An in-house sauna requires extra planning and materials, regardless of the type or design of the sauna you choose. Though Health Mate has a wide array of options to choose from, you still need to decide where exactly your new sauna would fit in. Apart from the product cost, you need to fairly consider the installation and customization costs incurred along with your purchase. That being said, Health Mate doesn’t offer any discount or deals to cut off on some extra bucks after you buy their sauna. If you’re a budget-based homemaker who looks forward to having a healthy lifestyle, then you’re deliberately forced to cut down on other important expenses and somehow buy your sauna. With almost limited warranty and low-quality makes, Health Mate’s saunas might not be your ideal choice if you want to bring home something beneficial within a pocket-friendly budget.

Maintenance Is a Must

It is obviously true that if you’re buying something expensive, you need to take care of the maintenance as well. A sauna from Health Mate is nothing less than a big worry for maintenance. And speaking of maintenance, you might not get a refund or proper coverage after your warranty period lapses. While better sauna brands live up to the satisfaction of their customers with their lifelong warranty and coverage plans, Health Mate might not be the ideal choice here. Regular maintenance of an in-house sauna makes the way for easy wear and tear of parts and with Health Mate’s limited warranty offer, you might not enjoy long-term benefits from your sauna in the long run.

Other Brands You Could Consider


We would like to highlight the fact that Health Mate does not have the capability to mitigate electric fields in their sauna products. Contrary to this, Clearlight saunas are built with the capacity to mitigate electric as well as magnetic fields in their saunas, making them one of the best EMF-based saunas in the market.

JNH Saunas

These are one of the best saunas as claimed by many customers. Though the JNH Saunas are covered with a 5-year warranty period, they are UL listed and ETL approved and you needn’t worry about the long-term wear and tear of the parts.

Radiant Saunas

Crafted for two persons, Radiant Saunas BSA2406 series provides a deluxe in-house sauna setting, right at the comfort of your home. Fabricated with Canadian Hemlock construction, their saunas are totally hypoallergenic and highly-durable and the best choice for retaining the heat within the sauna room.

LifeSmart Dynamic

LifeSmart Dynamic offers a portfolio of affordable saunas crafted with the best features and classy attributes. Unlike the usual sauna brands, this sauna features a side window that not only makes it attractive but also the right choice for those with Lyme disease.

Dynamic Saunas

The Dynamic Saunas “Venice” 2-Person Low EMF Far Infrared Sauna is the perfect sauna if you’re looking for a spacious interior and an overall durable and sturdy product. Crafted to be the choice of budget-friendly buyers, Dynamic Saunas is the best pick if you want an affordable sauna that doesn’t compromise on its performance.

Is Health Mate Sauna Reliable?

When you decide to bring home a new and branded sauna, we suggest you strongly consider Heavenly Heat Saunas. They are more functional and are crafted with 304 surgical grade stainless steel ceramic heaters, making them one of the best sauna makers in the industry. Saunas from Heavenly Heat also carry excellent warranty and are also the most reliable saunas available in the market.

But when digging deep into Health Mate, we already highlighted the fact that this company never shies away from frequent changes. And by changes we mean changing leadership and management, poor product decisions and thus, a comparatively degraded quality in their saunas. Health Mate never stops adding new saunas to their ever-changing product structure. And sometimes, new products with unproven effectiveness revamp their website, and eager buyers spend thousands of dollars in bringing such low-quality saunas to their home.

A customer who bought this sauna has mentioned the low-quality parts that wore out with time. The person also claims to have suffered a serious drawback from Health Mate’s limited warranty offer that does no good in refabricating the non-functional parts. The customer goes on to add a whopping cost of about $800 for new parts including the shipping cost. This is even worse when the person had to repair the sauna all by himself. This clearly shows that Health Mate is not a reliable company that stands behind their warranty or coverage promises.

Another valuable customer who lost the reputation and trust he had on Health Mate mentions the unethical warranty policy of the brand and how the company denies providing further assistance to customers who face issues with their products. The person goes on to add about the cheap-quality materials and components used in the fabrication of the sauna, and that’s something to be concerned about. None of us might be too curious to rip apart a new product and find if the components used are of high quality or just cheap attributes. We might get a chance to figure out what lies inside only if there arises any defect or malfunction. And that is how most of us learn about the interior parts and quality of the product that cost us thousands of dollars. Health Mate is a 40-year-old reputed brand that needs to consider the issues of its valuable customers.

Now that you’ve read our review, you might have got an idea whether the Health Mate Sauna is what you’ve been looking for or not. With a bit of extensive research and comparison between other best-selling brands that live up to the expectations of their customers, you might get an idea whether a sauna from Health Mate is your perfect pick or not. Bringing a sauna to your home is a one-time investment and after all, you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on something that’s going to benefit your family in the long run. So it is always advisable to know more about the sauna that best fits your needs and Health Mate Sauna might not be it.