Maxxus ‘Seattle’ Low EMF FAR infrared Sauna

Maxxus Low EMF Saunas are constructed with the environment in mind, which accounts for our efforts in using Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood. Our sauna walls are double paneled constructed with the thickest interior and exterior wood planks compared to others in the same industry. This all translates to a quality sauna that retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and wastes less energy. Maxxus 2 Person model offers 6 Low EMF infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels at 1750 Watts (including an industry leading foot heater) that produces a wider, softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. Our Low EMF infrared Carbon Energy Efficient heating panel heaters are 30% larger than saunas heated by ceramic tubes and penetrate skin 40% more to maximize therapeutic benefits. Unlike ceramic heaters, you will never have to replace our Carbon Energy Efficient heating panels. Unlike traditional rock and water saunas (which heat at or over 200F and do not penetrate your skin), Maxxus Saunas operate at a much lower and safer 130F to 140F (20 degres higher then most competitor models). In fact, Maxxus Saunas operate most effectively at 120F to 130F thus allowing you to enjoy the sauna longer and maximize all potential health benefits. Maxxus 2 person sauna is designed for ease of use and is an outstanding value. Assembly is a snap and takes less than 1 hour. Enjoy the convenience of operating a Maxxus Sauna with our soft touch control panel and LED display featuring sauna temperature and time functions. Play your favorite music through the saunas built in MP3 aux connection with speakers. The sauna plugs into any dedicated 15 amp 110 volt outlet so no special wiring is required and the sauna may be installed on carpet and at any indoor location including the basement, garage, master bath or walk in closet. Our sauna would be a beautiful and worthwhile addition to any fitness room. See and feel the difference today!

Benefits of a FAR Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas create an environment that allows radiant heat energy to be absorbed into the human body. And in doing so, it promotes a host of revolutionary benefits that heal the body in a way unlike the traditional sauna.

There are a number of remarkable health benefits attributed to radiant heat. The deep tissue warmth relaxes sore muscles, reduces stiffness, and relieves joint pain, specifically the kind of chronic pain associated with arthritis. In addition, the infrared radiant heat promotes a variety of health remedies including weight loss and improving skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, cellulite, and acne. Furthermore, this type of dry heat stimulates detoxification by allowing your body to discharge acid and waste residues like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, and potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, especially zinc, lead, nickel, and cadmium through the natural cooling process of perspiring.

These health benefits are obtained within a tranquil environment that does not hinder those with respiratory issues or physical limitations. With infrared saunas, the temperatures are lower and more tolerable than the traditional sauna, adding to the comfort and relaxation.

‘Far infrared saunas are finally getting the mainstream media attention they deserve.’

Dr. Mehmet Oz.

As featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz and frequent contributor said,“Far infrared saunas are finally getting the mainstream media attention they deserve.” In a special segment titled “Extreme Life Extension,” Dr. Oz unveiled several technological marvels designed to enhance and extend life.

Maxxus saunas 2 person Luxury sauna is constructed with Canadian Hemlock Wood & far infrared carbon heating emitters. Our saunas are designed to be enjoyed in the comfort & privacy of your own home. Install this sauna on Carpet or any indoor location including basements, Master bath, walk in closet or add it to a fitness room to be incorporated as a part of your fitness routine. Listen to your favorite music with the Mp3 auxiliary connection & speaker system. Whether it is the sauna’s spacious design or natural elegance, the Canadian Hemlock Wood is sure to compliment the decor of your home. Maxxus saunas 2 person Luxury sauna comes standard with 6 far infrared carbon heating panels including the’ reflexology heating system (floor heater), tempered glass & glass door, as well as spacious interior with the overall size of the sauna to be 47.2″ wide, 41.3″ deep, & 74.8″ tall. The maxxus sauna operates up to a maximum 140F, but the optimal temperature range for all users is between 120F to 130F.The unit is easy assembled in about 60 Min with 2 adults & plugs into any standard 15Amp outlet in your home. Maxxus saunas brings health & longevity to the comfort & convenience of your home.