Comprehensive Guide: Comparing Radiant Health Saunas and Clearlight Saunas

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive deep into the world of infrared saunas, comparing two popular brands – Radiant Health Saunas and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision when choosing the best infrared sauna for your needs.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Infrared Saunas
  2. Radiant Health Saunas
  3. Clearlight Infrared Saunas
  4. Key Differences Between Radiant Health and Clearlight
  5. Comparing Safety and EMF Levels
  6. Warranty and Customer Support
  7. Price Comparison
  8. Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Introduction to Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous health benefits. They use infrared light to heat the body directly, rather than heating the air around it, providing a more efficient and comfortable experience. In this section, we will briefly introduce the main features of infrared saunas.

Types of Infrared Saunas

There are three main types of infrared saunas, differentiated by the wavelength of the infrared light they use:

  • Near-infrared saunas
  • Mid-infrared saunas
  • Far-infrared saunas

Each type offers different health benefits, and some saunas combine all three wavelengths to provide a full-spectrum infrared experience.

Radiant Health Saunas

Radiant Health Saunas is a leading infrared sauna manufacturer known for its high-quality and eco-friendly products. They offer a range of far-infrared saunas, designed with your health and well-being in mind.

Key Features of Radiant Health Saunas

  • Low EMF (electromagnetic field) emissions
  • Carbon Flow Japanese heating technology
  • FSC-certified Canadian Hemlock wood construction
  • Advanced control panels with a digital display
  • Chromotherapy lighting options
  • Bluetooth audio system and USB charging ports

Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Clearlight Infrared Saunas, a brand owned by Jacuzzi Inc., is another top choice in the infrared sauna industry. They offer a wide variety of full-spectrum infrared saunas, equipped with the latest technology and features.

Key Features of Clearlight Infrared Saunas

  • True Wave™ Full Spectrum heating technology
  • Low EMF and low ELF (extremely low frequency) emissions
  • Choice of Cedar or Basswood construction
  • Dual digital control panels
  • Chromotherapy and Himalayan salt options
  • Bluetooth and AUX audio systems

Key Differences Between Radiant Health and Clearlight

Now that we have introduced both brands, let’s explore the key differences between Radiant Health and Clearlight infrared saunas:

  1. Infrared Spectrum: Radiant Health focuses on far-infrared saunas, while Clearlight offers full-spectrum infrared saunas.
  2. Heating Technology: Radiant Health uses Carbon Flow heating technology, while Clearlight employs True Wave™ Full Spectrum technology.
  3. Wood Options: Radiant Health uses FSC-certified Canadian Hemlock, while Clearlight offers a choice between Cedar and Basswood.

Comparing Safety and EMF Levels

One crucial factor to consider when purchasing an infrared sauna is the safety of the product, specifically the EMF levels. Both

When it comes to selecting the perfect infrared sauna, the choice can be daunting. Two of the leading brands in the market, Radiant Health Saunas and Clearlight Saunas, often leave consumers wondering which one to choose. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a detailed comparison between these two top-notch sauna brands, covering their construction, heaters, EMF levels, and other features. With the information we provide, you will be able to make an informed decision on the best sauna for your needs.

A Deep Dive into Radiant Health Saunas

Construction and Materials

Radiant Health Saunas feature a double-wall construction using high-quality Canadian Hemlock or Western Red Cedar. The solid wood frame and tongue-and-groove design provide superior insulation and long-lasting durability. They also utilize low VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and water-based sealants to ensure a healthier sauna experience.

Infrared Heaters

Radiant Health Saunas use their proprietary CarbonFlow™ heating technology, which features large carbon panels that evenly distribute heat throughout the sauna. This technology delivers a more comfortable, full-body infrared experience while maintaining low EMF levels.

EMF and ELF Levels

Radiant Health Saunas have been third-party tested for both electric and magnetic field (EMF) emissions and have consistently achieved low EMF levels. Additionally, they incorporate ELF (extremely low frequency) shielding to further protect users from potential health risks.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Built-in chromotherapy lighting for color therapy benefits
  • Premium Blaupunkt sound system with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Limited lifetime warranty on heaters, controls, and cabinetry

An In-Depth Look at Clearlight Saunas

Construction and Materials

Clearlight Saunas are crafted from eco-certified Grade “A” Western Red Cedar or North American Basswood, ensuring sustainability and top-notch quality. The True Wave™ carbon/ceramic heaters are strategically placed to optimize heat distribution, and their furniture-grade construction provides long-lasting durability.

Infrared Heaters

Clearlight Saunas utilize their patented True Wave™ far infrared heater technology, which combines carbon and ceramic materials for an efficient, full-spectrum heating experience. This technology allows for a comfortable, detoxifying sauna session while maintaining low EMF levels.

EMF and ELF Levels

Clearlight Saunas have been independently tested and proven to have low EMF and ELF levels. They are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for their users by incorporating advanced shielding technology.

Other Noteworthy Features

  • Medical-grade chromotherapy lighting system
  • Exceptional audio system with Bluetooth connectivity and AUX input
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the entire sauna (heaters, controls, and cabinetry)

Side-by-Side Comparison: Radiant Health vs. Clearlight

FeaturesRadiant Health SaunasClearlight Saunas
MaterialsCanadian Hemlock/Western Red CedarWestern Red Cedar/North American Basswood
Infrared HeatersCarbonFlow™True Wave™
EMF LevelsLowLow
ELF ShieldingYesYes
Audio SystemBlaupunkt with BluetoothBluetooth and AUX input
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime


Both Radiant Health Saunas and Clearlight Saunas offer high-quality infrared saunas with excellent construction, advanced heating technology, and a focus on low EMF and ELF levels