Rocky Mountain

We don’t recommend Rocky Mountain Saunas, simply because the wooden slats block far too much of the infrared. There are several companies importing these saunas under different names, such as Maxxus Sauna, Golden Designs, Dynamic, etc…

Here’s what one Rocky Mountain Sauna Customer had to say about their emf ratings on the Better Business Bureau:

I purchased a sauna from Rocky Mountain Saunas with the understanding that their Saunas are Zero Rated EMF with a video on their website showing a reading of under 1mG. The recommended low EMF reading is under 3mG. Upon receiving, I tested the EMFs and got consistent high readings of almost 9mG, 3x times the recommended low safety level and 9x the reading that of which they promote on their website. I asked for a full return. They said if I return it I would still have to pay their fee of $450 plus shipping. I don’t feel I should have to pay to return because they promoted false EMF meter readings than what my sauna gives off. I want a full refund.



Prior to receiving notification from the Better Business Bureau of the complaint, Rocky Mountain Saunas offered a full refund for the cost of the sauna including no charge for the restocking fee and no charge for return freight to the client.  We anticipate the client’s request will be resolved satisfactorily as she has not responded to our correspondence at the time of this response.