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Vital Health Sauna Review: Is It Worth the Money?

If you have been hitting the gym for a few years now, you may have understood the worth of a good session in the sauna after you are done working out. It can be one of the most relaxing experiences and if you have any soreness in your muscles, or feel any tightness, a sauna is the best way to ease those muscles out.

However, it is by no means practical to get a sauna session in at the gym every day. After all, most gyms do not even have this provision, and sometimes, you just do not want to be in a sauna with strangers who happen to use the gym at the same time as you.

But since you know the health benefits of a sauna, there must be something you could do to get that sauna session every now and then. Turns out, there is a simple solution that should not be too hard to implement if you have some space in your home. You can install a sauna in your home and do an hour-long session practically every day!

When you have a sauna in your home, you do not have the excuse of skipping it at the gym. Even if you can take 30 minutes out of your schedule to hang out in the sauna, it can make a huge difference to your health. You can release toxins out of your body within no time. If you have been struggling with losing weight, a sauna in your home could really make your life much easier.

Of course, this alone will not be enough. You will also need to look after your diet and exercise, in addition to using the sauna frequently. If you do not have any health concerns that would escalate by using the sauna, it can be one of the best things you can do for your body. But how do you install a sauna at home? What kind of sauna should you get for your home and how much will it cost you? Well, several companies will do the job for you easily.

Vital Health Sauna is one of those companies that you may want to consider. The following is a brief review of the company, read on to find out more and see if this company is a good fit for your sauna needs.

About Vital Health Sauna

Vital Health Sauna is a company based 0ut of San Diego, United States of America and has been in the business of selling saunas to homes and commercial spaces for over a decade. The company owes its origins to when the owner was looking for a sustainable solution to ease his back problems.

Greg Baumgartner had recently retired from the Navy and was looking for a fix for his back. Sauna therapy was one of the first few things he tried and realized that there is merit to it. But he also realized that there are several gaps in the infrared sauna market and thought he could do something to fill this gap. He endeavored to build better far-infrared saunas. Baumgartner got a lot of his own experiences to the table and attempted to create something that would be beneficial for more people.

Vital Health Sauna also claims to be one of the more affordable brands on the market and also boasts of high-quality workmanship and construction. The service provides three different models—Premier, Elite and Full Spectrum. Do these claims that the company is making hold up? That is for us to find out.


There are several things that the company offers in terms of products. There are a few different models of infrared saunas that you can consider buying from this company. The following are some of the most prominent offerings that the company boasts of.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum saunas are those that can deliver the entire range of wavelengths that are good for your body. A full-spectrum sauna is different from far-infrared saunas as the former provides a wider range of benefits all of which are compiled into a single unit. This is a product that is slightly on the more expensive side, but it does offer more health benefits that several people can enjoy—especially those that experience chronic pain due to various conditions. The full-spectrum saunas are also available in a variety of different sizes and are made of different types of material. The bottom line is, there are a few different options on the table.

Canadian Red Cedar (Elite)

The Elite line of saunas offered by the company is a plush line that is built using Canadian red cedar. In the Elite line as well, you can opt for far-infrared and full-spectrum saunas. The draw of the Elite line is that the saunas have a natural aroma of the cedar which offers a relaxing vibe. The aroma also helps keep pests out and since so many people (or even if only one person) are going to be sweating in this sauna, the odor is naturally managed.

Canadian Hemlock (Premier)

The Premier line of saunas is built using Canadian hemlock. Again, the Premier line allows you to opt for far-infrared as well as full-spectrum saunas. Canadian hemlock is an especially good choice because the wood is incredibly sturdy and durable. It is less likely to be damaged by the moisture inside the sauna. Another good thing about this type of wood is that the color is light so it is more likely to go with various color palettes.

Commercial Units

Commercial Units, as the name suggests, are saunas that are built for commercial spaces. Not much changes when it comes to buying a sauna for a commercial or residential space. Under commercial units also, you can opt for a full-spectrum and far-infrared sauna units. There are similar options with the sizes and the wood type that you can pick out for commercial units as well. You can also install a commercial unit in your home without any hassle but the logistics of installing it in a commercial space may be slightly different.

Other Features

Apart from the main features that have been mentioned above, there are a few other features that the company is known for and offers quite enthusiastically. The following are some of those features you may want to know about.


There are several different sizes in which the saunas come. The sizes are based on how many people the sauna can fit at once. So you can pick from a 1-person sauna to a 5-person sauna. Each of these size options come in either the Elite line or the Premier line. You can also choose between a full-spectrum unit and a far-infrared unit. The 4-person sauna also comes in a corner unit design that fits into the corner of a large room with ease. Since a 4-corner sauna is likely to be a large unit, a corner unit is a good way to save some space and make the most of the room. Of course, the prices will differ depending on what size you are buying, with the 5-person units being the most expensive.

Infrared Saunas

The big draw of this company is that it offers infrared saunas, whether as full-spectrum units or far-infrared units. Now, what does an infrared sauna even mean? This is a sauna where the inside of the unit is heated using heaters that provide far-infrared radiant heat. The main difference between these saunas and Finnish saunas is that the former does not require any steam. The infrared radiation is used to heat the user of the sauna directly, and therefore keeping them protected from unnecessary moisture. The health benefits of infrared saunas are more apparent than steam saunas, and this is what Vital Health centers its image on.


Vital Health Saunas has a few different certifications that make it reliant in terms of documentation and paperwork. For starters, it is a member of the Better Business Bureau. A BBB accreditation is a hard-earned one and the company seems quite proud of this. The company also claims to be ETL, CE, and RoHS certified. It also claims to be ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified. You can take a look at the certifications on their website.

Energy Efficient

The saunas are expected to be extremely energy efficient, regardless of the size of the unit. The heating panels are meant to be energy efficient. According to the website, the average power consumption of the units ranges from $5 to $10 (depending on the size of the unit) per month, if you use it for one hour every day. Several other reviews of the product do not back this claim up, however, this is what the company maintains.

Floor Heaters

The sauna units offered by this company come equipped with floor heaters. While some other names in the market, such as Clearlight and Saunacore, offer floor heating in different ways, Vital Health Sauna uses an innovative technology. The company has chosen to employ carbon panels layered underneath wooden planks. This is a less expensive arrangement than what other companies are doing, but it is certainly also less comfortable, especially when you are standing and making direct contact with the wooden slats. In fact, a good suggestion would be to keep a thick towel on the floor if it is becoming too hot or you sweat more easily.

Specialized Vital Health Sauna Heaters

Specialized Vital Health Sauna uses a specialized heating technology. This is the third-generation element known as Vital Rays GEN III Low EMF Heaters. These are specialized heaters that only Vital Health Sauna uses. The Low EMF Heater is certainly a good addition and one that must be appreciated. EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. These are the energy waves that have a frequency below 300 hertz or cycles/second. If exposed to EMF for a long time, human beings can experience long-term harm without even realizing it. A heater with low EMF, therefore, is one of the best provisions a sauna unit can offer. The company reportedly moved to these heaters four years ago and are able to provide customers with low EMF heating, making the long-term exposure to infrared healthy and safe.

What Sets Vital Health Sauna Apart from the Rest?

Vital Health Sauna has several things to offer that many other names in the market do not. The company has several sizes to offer which gives you quite a few options. If you want to install the unit at a commercial space, you can order a larger unit, perhaps a 4-person or a 5-person unit. But if you only want to use it for yourself at home, a one-person sauna unit is perfectly alright.

The company also boasts of using “advanced Japanese technology”, which is meant to offer great heat distribution and is supposedly more beneficial for the body. This Infrared Carbon Technology is also meant to provide the heater with a longer lifespan. The company also claims to be the one in the market to employ a Magnetic Flux Therapy System. This is a technology that is meant to enhance the healing qualities of this infrared sauna. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on its units, so that is certainly a plus and can be considered as one of its most enduring features.

As mentioned above, this is also the only company that uses a third-generation element called Vital Rays GEN III Low EMF Heaters. This is a factor that makes the Vital Health Sauna units the most unique. This is the only company that owns this element and while several other companies in the market continue to use first-generation elements, this technology allows Vital Health Sauna to provide truly low EMF heating that is safe for people to be exposed to, even for a long time.

So, Is the Vital Health Sauna Right for You?

Despite all the things that have been mentioned above as things that set this sauna company apart from the others in the market, does the company stand by these promises? In other words, is Vital Health Sauna the right fit for you, or would it be prudent to look elsewhere? While there is not much to say about Vital Health Sauna negatively, one of the biggest concerns is that the company is a small one run by a single family. Even the website does not look as promising so it leaves one wondering if a company that does not have a decent website in this day and age can do a professional job.

Besides, the saunas are not all that cheap. The larger the size of the unit is, the more expensive it becomes. This is understandable, but the units are not offering something radically different from other products in the market. Sure, the founder has thought carefully about infrared saunas and features like Magnetic Flux Therapy do set it apart. But if Vital Health was once a leader in the industry or was at least one of the few who provided infrared saunas, today there are several other names in the market that have already caught up with Vital Health Sauna. They are also willing to provide the sauna units at a lower price point than Vital Health Sauna. This is, of course, one of the major flaws.

Despite having a price point on the slightly higher end of the spectrum, the company does not actually offer a high-end product. It offers a simple sauna with infrared capabilities. But if you are looking for a unit that can offer slightly more upscale features, like biofeedback, remote control, reservation modes and other such tech savvy provisions, this is not at all the sauna unit you would want to invest your money in.

Besides, for all its claims about providing even heat and heating the user’s body directly, the floor heating arrangement can actually get quite uncomfortable. Some reviews suggest that you can place a towel on the floor to prevent it from getting so hot. But ideally, these are not measures you should need to take. The sauna unit should be comfortably hot and should not make you feel like you are out of your depth or need to rearrange something to be more comfortable.

In conclusion, it can be said that while Vital Health Sauna offers a few good and beneficial features, there are others in the market who are doing a similar job and are not asking for the same amount of money. It is impressive that the company has published its prices online, whereas most other companies in the market are not as transparent.

However, the price point is not justified for units that are more or less basic infrared saunas. If despite these few drawbacks, you think the other things that the company offers are worth it, then by all means place an order today. For those who are looking for something slightly more high tech as well as therapeutic, you can continue searching for other options.